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NEC Birmingham is the United Kingdom’s national exhibition centre. The Birmingham exhibition centre (Birmingham NEC) provides limitless opportunities for companies, suppliers and other organisations to use the NEC Conference centre to hire exhibition halls and exhibition stalls to market their goods and services to the public and a range of organisations and businesses. Contact us details are below.

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Looking to attend an event at the NEC? Select the NEC event below; watch the very short video and then book the (a) event then use the menu or click the following links for booking (b) NEC parking (c) NEC hotels or (d) business services.  Then plan to have a great time! Are you a business? Why not advertise your services with us here starting at £150 + VAT. E-mail us at 

Are you an exhibitor at The National Exhibition Centre? Whilst some traffic may go through to your website, advertising on this website will give you access to a larger and broader number of prospective customers. For the convenience of visitors attending an NEC event or NEC exhibition,  the full NEC Birmingham postcode is: B40 1NT.  Whilst the full NEC Birmingham address is:  North Ave, Birmingham B40 1NT

NEC Birmingham Marketing in summary :

We provide excellent opportunities for businesses to upload much of their promotional, PR, e-marketing, as well a their marketing campaign literature, photos, videos and other marketing images that will provide insights into why a customers might select them as their preferred supplier.

Visiting the Birmingham NEC. A great educational experience to be recommended?

Visiting the Birmingham NEC is a great educational experience. On most dates, experts in almost every field compete for business which provides a shrewd individual the opportunity to learn a lot about an entire market sector in a short time.

Welcome to NEC Birmingham
Welcome to NEC Birmingham

Here below is a list of the upcoming Birmingham NEC events:


National Homebuilding Show

National Homebuilding Show. Discover the best way to add space and value to your home in the most cost-effective and space-efficient way.

From 10am until 5pm

At Halls 9 -12

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Antiques for Everyone Spring Fair

Antiques for Everyone Spring Fair Find inspiration by adding stylish antiques and collectables to your home at the Antiques for Everyone Spring Fair

From 11am until 6pm

At Hall 18 & 19

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Insomnia60 Gaming Festival

Insomnia60 Gaming Festival Love playing video games, or watching people play them online? Insomnia60 is the latest instalment of the UK’s biggest gaming festival

From 10.00 am until 6pm

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National Convenience Show

The National Convenience Show 2017 will once again be the biggest event for the convenience-retailing sector in 2017

From 10.00 am until 5pm

At Hall 19

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Toy Collectors Fair

Toy Collectors Fair for sale from the UK’s leading dealers.

From 10:30 until 15:30

At Hall 18

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This Morning Live

This morning live from the NEC featuring live appearances from members of the This Morning family including Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby

From 10am until 5pm

At Hall 5

Find out more...


UK Games Expo

UK Games Expo is the premier event in the UK where all aspects of the gaming hobby are represented under one roof:

From 11am until 6pm

At Hall 1 And Hall 3a

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BBC Gardeners World Live

Join us for a great day out at BBC Gardeners’ World Live, 16-19 June 2016

From 9am until 6pm

At Halls 6 & Hall 16 - 20

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BBC Good Food Show

Get ready for a warm welcome from the BBC Good Food Show Winter sponsored by Lexus this June. It’s a great way to spend a day with your food loving friends.

From 9am until 18:00

At Halls 6-7 & 17 - 20

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Antiques For Everyone Summer Fair

Find inspiration by adding stylish antiques and collectables to your home at the Antiques for Everyone Summer Fair

Find out more...


For disability services click here: NEC Birmingham mobility

Advertising with NEC

As an example:

Grand Designs Live Birmingham.

As an example, if you are an established, reputable, medium sized builder and you wanted to advertise your services here to potential clients that visit our website for information about the hit TV program “Grand Design Live” and who are likely to be in the market to renovate their properties in the foreseeable future, this is an ideal advertising medium. This could be you:

NEC Birmingham Hotels
NEC Birmingham

The same principle applies to the hundreds of NEC events and the extensive range of exhibitions that occur at the national exhibition centre Birmingham every year.  If you require more sales or good public relations exposure, we can develop a comprehensive marketing strategy through our business services group. You will have the option to have sales enquiries go straight through to you or we can arrange to take bookings, requests for  quotations ,  consultations , new orders, as well as appointments for surveys and installation enquiries. We also provide direct selling services as well as advertising media services through our related marketing company.  Simply contact us to access a multi channel marketing programming  for your goods and services now.

This nec birmingham events calendar above is updated frequently and may from time to time include nec birmingham concerts.

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