Birmingham NEC Economy. 3

Birmingham NEC Economy
Reasons to open a new business branch in Birmingham

Birmingham NEC economy
Bullish on the Birmingham economy

Birmingham, is the United Kingdom’s second city.
Tourism to the city continues to increase each year.
Substantial regeneration of the city continues following its historic lows
There are good reasons to open a branch here now, as we have.
You will find a few videos below which give some evidence of the strength of its growing infrastructure and an insight to the dynamic local Birmingham NEC economy.
Birmingham’s city council July 2016 report has published the following economic data.

Claimant unemployed down 6.2%
Gross Value Added (GVA) or economic output up 1.6% or an increase of + £376 million.
Resident earnings up 0.2% with the average income now £25,000 (or 27,828 Euro)
Business starts up +2.5 with 39.6 per 10,000

Birmingham NEC economy areas of concern

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave (BREXIT) the Economic European Community (EEC) is likely to negatively impact the three key components of economic growth: Corporate spending, Government spending and Consumer spending.
But given that businesses cannot close up shop because of adverse winds, they can either stand still and consolidate or continue to move forward hedging against risk where they can. If you are considering moving forward and extending your business into new markets, then the Birmingham economy, is on balance, a relatively safer investment option.

Birmingham is UK’s Fastest Growing Regional Tourist Destination (Econ)

Birmingham’s regeneration: northern powerhouse (Econ)

Shopping in Birmingham : The Bullring

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