Birmingham NEC Tourist Attractions.

Birmingham NEC Tourist Attractions

Birmingham NEC Tourist Attractions
Birmingham NEC Tourist Attractions

If you are visiting the Birmingham NEC on business, you should take the opportunity to visit some of the many tourist attractions. In an attempt to save you some time and effort; below you will find a couple of videos which should be used to identify a small number of places that you could visit before you return to the job of securing new orders.

Birmingham NEC tourist attractions include:

Cadbury World
One-way self-guided tour. Opened on 14 August 1990. One of Birmingham’s largest leisure attractions – welcoming over 500,000 visitors each year. Offers the opportunity to explore and discover chocolate’s history, to learn about the origins and story of the Cadbury business – one of the world’s largest confectionery manufacturers.

National Sea Life Centre
An aquarium with over 60 displays of freshwater and marine life. Its one-million-litre ocean tank houses giant green sea turtles, blacktip reef sharks and tropical reef fish, with a fully transparent underwater tunnel.

A science museum. Has four floors of over 200 hands-on exhibits and artefacts. Each floor has a theme, in general going from the past, in The Past (Level 0), through The Balcony (Level 1) and The Present (Level 2), to the future, in The Future gallery (Level 3).

St Martin in the Bull Ring
A parish church of the Church of England. From east to west the length of the church is 155 ft., including the chancel, the arch of which rises to 60 ft.; the width, including nave (25 ft.) and north and south aisles, is 67 ft.; at the transepts the width is 104 ft.

Hall of Memory
A war memorial to commemorate the 12,320 Birmingham citizens who died in World War I. The interior features three carved bas-relief plaques representing three tableaux: Call (departure to war), Front Line (fighting), Return (arrival home of the wounded).

Birmingham Botanical Gardens
A 15 acres (6.1 hectares) botanical gardens. Open every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Contain over 7,000 different plants and are home to The British National Bonsai Collection. One of the oldest specimens is the “Omiya tree”, a 250-year-old Juniperus chinensis.

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