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Concierge Services


Concierge Services
Concierge Services

You get up early
You work long hours
Far too many things to juggle
Very little time for yourself
Not that happy
Blood press too high

The solution: Our Concierge Services


Concierge Services
Concierge Services

Simply tell us what you need done!


It happens when, where and how you want it done.

Call us now! 0203 371 9616

The end.

Our most popular services

Event planning

Access to the holiday of a lifetime

Access to exclusive VIP clubs and other experiences

Access to yachts, limos, chauffeurs services, theatre tickets etc

Property maintenance and management

Access to your personal chef

Access to a personal body guard

Access to personal health and fitness trainer

Personal assistant

Secretarial services

Personal shopper

Access to domestic, cleaning and care and nursery staff

Real estate acquisition

Cost effective access to the quality of life you deserve.

Tell someone.

They will thank you.


Concierge Services
Concierge Services

If you do the maths, it makes sense to move some things off your tray and we are here to help.
Working with our partner, Strategic Management offers a members-only lifestyle management and concierge service. We see our role as facilitating your lifestyle, through a combination of knowledge, experience and privileged access. We also utilise an extensive international supply network to provide access to exclusive lifestyle services.
Gives us a call on 0203 371 9616. New enquiries: Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm. 

Or visit our website at Concierge Services London 

Business services

Click here to visit the business services specialists: Strategic Management And Media Group

Alternatively go directly to the service you require below and remember to share us:

Project Manager Jobs Limited

Management Consultants London Limited

Marketing Strategy Solutions Limited

Concierge Services London 

Corporate concierge services

Corporate concierge services refers to those services we offer to our business clients who incorporate some of these into a remuneration package. This is then offered to some key or senior staff. This may include anything from organizing regular lunch delivery to providing a house maid to maintain their home and pick up dry cleaning, or take the dog for a walk and the like. Setting up an account with us could not be easier. Following our discussions, a simple direct debit in our favour will free up your key staff to start early and finish later in order to concentrate on producing optimum returns for the organization for as long as is helpful.

Studies show that where employees can see the benefits of work for you, this will be reflected in your staff retention figures. If you operate in a competitive market and you want to maintain an edge over your competitors with the most productive key staff then we can offer one solution: Make them an offer that is difficult to refuse. This approach can work out to be very cost effective if you take into consideration all associated costs the loss of a key member of the team.

Call us to discuss how we might be able to assist you on: 0203 371 9616

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