Start a business in Birmingham. 4

Start a business in Birmingham UK (United Kingdom).
Overseas companies or a new branch Birmingham UK (United Kingdom).

Start a business in Birmingham UK
Start a business Birmingham UK.

To start a new company or expand your business in another European Union (E.U) country you will need to know or work with someone who knows the rules that apply to setting up a company in that specific country.

Start a business Birmingham UK (United Kingdom ).

Rights and obligations
As an EU citizen you are entitled to:

To start a business (even as a sole trader) in any EU country (or Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein)
set up a subsidiary branch of an existing EU-based business that is already registered in one EU country.

This guidance is aimed at those in the EEA (European Economic Area), but those from outside the EEA may also find it useful.
Find out how to start a business in the UK, with information on:

• The different types of business structure in the UK
• How to register your company
• What license you may need to run your business
• Registering for tax
• setting up a bank account
• Employing people in the UK

Business structures in the UK
When you start a business in the UK you must choose a structure for your business.
Most businesses in the UK are:

• Sole traders
• Limited companies
• Partnerships

You must register as ‘self-employed’ if you’re a sole trader – this means that you’re working for yourself, not for someone else.
Usually, if you carry on a business in the UK you’ll need to live in the UK or the EEC
A private limited company needs a registered office in the UK, but the directors of the company don’t have to live in the UK.

Is a license required?
When setting up business in the UK you may need to apply for a licence, depending on what your business is.

Start a business in Birmingham UK
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Start a business in Birmingham UK
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